Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


1 5033862 mneme-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha, ascended to demigoddess-hood 167 [246]

This run (elven female wizard) saw me finding a 3 charge wand of wishing in the mines, which sped me to a good ascension shot.

Unfortunately, my plan of enchanting a stack of daggers to throw at Death went by the wayside when I forgot to pick up a stack of daggers before I entered the endgame. (Oops). Also, while the first three elemental planes went smoothly, some monster was callous enough (I ask you?) to die on top of the portal in Water, so I wandered around for a few turns and entered the astral plane without my remaining Archon (mental note: next time, pack a leash. Just in case.) But full up on power points, which was nice, and with a pile of useless (not enough turns to care) spellbooks, and a level 26 Silver Dragon steed, Moonlight

On a quick (well, not that quick) Detect Monsters, I saw Death to the left, Pestilence up, and Famine to the right. My last (and only Astral) run saw me killed by Pestilence, and I wasn't equipped to take out Death cheaply (see above), so I headed right. Unfortunately, Death had his own ideas, and followed me.

I kept moving to the right, FoDing Famine three times and getting cornered by Death once (and killing him). As I entered the outer temple, I panicked -- in the fight with Death, Moonlight had been killed, and I hadn't noticed. But I stayed on-message, reaching the inner chamber undamaged, if burdened, wizard locked the door (knew that spel was good for something!) to keep out the nasties, and checked the altar...Chaotic. Apparently Death was warning me off of the -bad- altars.

No copy-paste, but here are hand-copied intrinsics:

You were the Glory of Arioch
You were piously aligned
You were fire resistant
You were cold resistant
...sleep, disintegration, shock, poison, magic-protected.
Saw invisible
Sensing the present of monsters
Invisible to others
Teleport control
+3 bonus to hit
Slower digestion
Polymorph control
Very fast
Life saved (3 amulets of life saving -- and that's after Demogorgon used one up!)
Extremely lucky
Extra luck
Good luck did not time out
You survived after being killed once.

Vanquished creatures (highlights):

The Wizard of Yendor (6 times)
Famine (twice)
A high priest
2 mastodons
3 Archons
7 iron golems
2 master liches
4 ki-rin
11 storm giants
A titan
3698 creatures vanquished

12 creatures genocided (;, flayers, L)

8 wishes, did not wish for any artifacts.

You went to your reward with 5033862 points.
Frost Brand
The Eye of the Aethiopica
22 rubies
18 emeralds
17 agate stones
17 jade stones
17 amethis stones
13 diamonds
13 turquise stones
13 topaz stones
13 jasper stones
12 dilithium chrystals
11 aquamarine stones
11 garnet stones
10 sapphires
10 opals
10 flourite stones
7 citrine stones
7 obsidian stones
6 amber stones
5 jacinth stones
5 jet stones
1 black opal
1 chrystoberyl stone
3 amulets of life saving
And 783 pieces of gold, after 82936 moves.
You were level 30 with a maximum of 246 hit points when you ascended.
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