Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

That Dungeon Game

I don't normally make meme/quiz/whatnot posts, but I thought the dungeon game was good enough (and even more, interesting/playable enough) to be worth posting about. And, of course, post my rocking score (kept as low as it was because I promised I'd stop when I hit 1000 GP). It doesn't mention, but the gods in my dungeon were kat_miller, thatcrazycajun, and, like, too more -- not sure how altars are generated.

I think it helps that my dungeon is -so- damned large. Figuring out how the game worked (more or less) helped too, but having a large dungeon meant I had, well, four altars and enough space to wander around that I could pick up lots and lots of stuff, and had places to run away and fight another day. The only enemies I refrained from fighting (when I had a lot of hit points; I refrained from fighting -anything- when I had less than 20 HP except for lowly kobolds, and then only sometimes) were cockatrices (zapped them with wands of death when I had them and they were identified, ignored them otherwise) and nymphs (ignored them; probably would have done the WOD trick if I'd had one when I met one).

The game, BTW, is very much a pseudo-roguelike -- very much in the -flavor- of roguelikes (and with monsters taken from nethack, or at least its family, like the cockatrice, the nymph, and the various elementals), but with minimal gameplay (plus, of course, the mix with LJ friends).

I escaped from the Dungeon of Mnemex!

I killed Browngirl the giant spider, Jmhm the orc, Kyri Rpg the cockatrice, Jonsinger the goblin, Mayakat the kobold, Cyan Blue the leprechaun, Feiran the kobold, Papersky the leprechaun, Womzilla the fire elemental, B00jum the gelatinous cube, Kent Allard Jr the leprechaun, Filker0 the goblin, Markiv1111 the kobold, Folkmew the cockatrice, Sombrereptiles the minotaur, Nosebeepbear the orc, Heptadecagram the leprechaun, Songspell the kobold, Dandelionreport the giant spider, Selki the rat, Stormsweeper the leprechaun, Filkertom the rat, Hawklady the minotaur, Annodomini the dragon, Ozarque the fire elemental, Madfilkentist the troll, Sammywol the gelatinous cube, Tafkad the kobold, Studiofoglio the minotaur, Kajafoglio the dragon, Freeport Pirate the leprechaun, Orangemike the rat, Crash Mccormick the floating eye, Orawnzva the minotaur, Penngwyn the rat, Avylou the arch-demon, Smalley Smoot the mind flayer, Viktor Haag the dragon, Skzbrust the kobold, The Stalwart the floating eye, Hrj the giant spider, Ringel the gelatinous cube, Galadriel13 the owlbear and Fatlefty the troll.

I looted the Sword of Ayesha, the Sceptre of Music, the Wand of Learning, the Shield of Linux, a Figurine of Teri945, the Axe of Akawil, a Figurine of Fiddledragon, the Shield of Filkerdave, the Sword of Mdlbear, the Wand of Filk, the Wand of Teddywolf, the Sceptre of Cheapass Games, the Sword of Sdelmonte, the Sword of Pagan, the Dagger of Sex, the Axe of Lonebear, the Wand of Pdcawley, the Shield of Zendo, the Sceptre of Lizzatherussian, the Armour of Braider Novel, the Shield of Dduane, the Armour of Osewalrus, a Figurine of Braz King, the Sceptre of Music, the Shield of Jslove, a Figurine of Singing Phoenix, the Axe of Madamruppy, the Crown of Gorgeousgary, a Figurine of Braider, a Figurine of Debkitty, the Sword of Babylon 5, the Amulet of Jews, a Figurine of Odiesdee, the Armour of Spiritdance, the Axe of Nrivkis, the Armour of Pola Bear, the Wand of New York, a Figurine of Catalana, a Figurine of Cflute, the Shield of Jim Vassilakos, the Armour of the Tall Man, the Sceptre of Marysuemagdalen, the Dagger of Origami, the Armour of Cyberpunk, the Amulet of Cugc, the Axe of Game Design, the Crown of Larpwriting, the Crown of Gmdraves, the Dagger of Mphopcroft and 1021 gold pieces.

Score: 1871

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