Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Diary: on the ground again

We've touched ground, and are waiting for Lisa's luggage (mine, all 49 pounds, will be on the carousel). Pretty easy trip -- ran into fellow LARPers (who had played Ethan, Darla, and Anya to Lisa's Harmony and my Linsey in the Intercon F run of The Buffy Game), chatted for a while, then played introduced Set until we had to board. Fun wait, though they've been travelling for 14 hours (yow), having started in Maryland.

Mostly didn't notice the flight -- I read the newly imported Koike/Kojima book, Path of the Assassin (about Hatori Honzo; not as good as Samurai Executioner or Lone Wolf and Cub, but interesting), then continued into the second Mendoza book -- Sky Coyote, wherein is explained the difficulties of contronting people with a god they only half believe in anyway.
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