Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Origins, part 2 (lifeblogging)

We're about to take off (going from Columbus to NYCat 8ish, having been put onto a 6ish flight only to get a ground stop that kept us here for two hours). Waiting has included a lot of set and briefly, some games of Fluxx with fellow passengers (travelling home from a gaming con has its perks).

Origins was pretty cool -- I spent most of my time hanging at the Looney room, and a bit playing Shadowfist. My hanging paid off with three.5 medals (my first three!) -- a green Icehouse finalist medal (jlighton, the louse, walked away with the sceptre after putting me in the Icehouse in the final game), the Zarcana medal (squeaked out after a single hard-fought game), and the Icetowers medal, which I won after winning three straight games, making it nigh-impossible for anyone else to come close (nobody else had more than one game, IIRC, since there were only two tables). I also made the finals seat in the Proton tournament, but our game stalemated, so we eventually called the game, signing as co-winners, but (I could be gracious, since hell, I already -had- two medallions at that point) grantingg my opponent the medallion.

The fist tournaments weren't bad (I made the finals in both), but Shadowfist is neither horseshoe nor hand grenade.

I also did some play with various Just Deserts variations, hoping to make it a game I'd like better.

Lisa can write her own writeup, but I understand that she did a lot of roleplaying.

Finally, shopping. The shopping was pretty good -- I came back with Queen's Necklace, lots of new dice, Caylus, Dungoneer, Grand Tribunal, more stuff, and five signed copies of the new Order of the Stick book (via a miscommunication between Lisa and YT). Our luggage is much heavier, but the shopping was grand.

Anyways, it's time to start thinking of turning off the phone.
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