Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Review: Financier

If I wrote more about food in this space, I'd have almost certainly mentioned Financier -- the cozy little french pastry shop on Stone street that I've been having breakfast in for the last six months or so. Their pastries are fresh and delicious (and not overpriced at all at $2-$4), their cappuccinos are amazing, whether adulterated with whipped cream, as I have them, or plain, and their service is extremely good -- and includes such niceties as tiny cakes with each coffee and several copies of the NYT every morning.

But I haven't. What I'm actually talking about today is their gelatto (Italian ice cream, for any who don't know). I stopped in briefly during lunch today during an ultimately unsuccessful search for a lost hat, and took the heat as an excuse to try their gelatto. It's amazing -- I ordered a small: half-chocolate, half coconut. The chocolate easily met my high standards for actually tasting chocolaty, and the coconut was a perfect blend of creaminess and real coconut bits. And both exemplified the characteristic light/creaminess that characterizes gelatto.

Amazingly yummy. Which is arguably a shame, since I only recently managed to wean myself off getting one of their pastries every morning (instead, I've just been getting the coffee, which is quite enough).

62 Stone Street
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