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Too hot nights...

Two nights of too hot nights do not make for a happy Josh. Tuesday night, as drcpunk blogged, we had brownouts -- though it turned out that the power after a certain point was usable, so had air conditioning most of the night.

Last night, we walked home through at least one dark street (not ours) to a dark hallway, and naturaly, a dark appartment. Our own mini-blackout. However, while a post-midnight call to the replacement super determined that he believed power was out across the block, and he refused to do anything about it before the morning, we had at least one circuit running (the one on which I keep my alarm clocks and with which I charge my phone and zaurus -- we moved Lisa's phone to charge on it too, but weren't about to risk trying to run the air conditioner off it as well). Plus, the neighbors in the adjoining building had electrical lights, as far as we could see through the windows. It was a long, and rather hot and wet (though we traded the first for the second by laying down a wet towel, and drcpunk did something with another one) night.
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