Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Wittenberg Housefilk

The filk began with the ceremonial washing of ladymondegreen and akawil's car. Apparently, they'd brought their laundry to do during the filk, and the bleach exploded during the trip--drenching laundry, car, and all.

After that got dealt with, we settled in -- first, before the filk had really started, drcpunk and I sang "N'Im Ineteen".

Then batyatoon introduced everyone, going around in a circle asking people to say their name, their quest, and their favorite method of homicide. I didn't write down anyone else's, but my quest was "Eternal Life," and as for the other:

My favorite murder's plain to see
for not in vain, I'll climb a tree
and slay em all--with poetry

It's doggrel, of course, but that's part of the joke. And not bad for an insta.

The rest, in order:

nightface: The Deadlock Song, by Paul Quinn

miriami requested National Brotherhood Week, which the company sang.

batyatoon sang "I love Ose"

sdelmonte sang "Alien Adventures"

ladymondegreen sang Invitation (her own, with chorus by Shel Silverstein)

drcpunk sang Golias's Song, by John Meyers Meyers, tune by Gordon Dickson.

I sang my own "Mythos Babies" (to an original tune) song. Yes, it's a theme song for a horrible new Saturday Morning TV show.

nightstalker and ladymondegreen sang Superheorine, by Liz Nickrans, with bridge by Ookla the Mok

Dov Mittleman performed his own version of Invitation (by Shel Silverstein)

nightface sang "Living in Ankh Morpork," with (lyrics by Tom Smith)

miriami requested and got a group sing of Telly Talley Heart (lyrics by Tom Smith)

crazedcrusader sang the Missisipi Squirrel Revival, by CW Kalb, JR and Carene Kalb

batyatoon sang and performed "Baby Sister," including her alternative final verse, using Tolkien.

sdelmonte sang "Butterbug Blues," with heavy backing from the company, and Batya doing the female verses.

tirerem sang "The Folker" by the Coreys (ttto "The Boxer")

ladymondegreen sang "Fool's Run", by Merav Hoffman, with heavy backing by Batya.

drcpunk sang "Walk Through the Fire," by Joss Whedon with heavy backing from the company. I, in particular, did Sweet's part (including the tertiary part toward the end).

They liked this, and made me sing "Sweet's Song", by Joss Whedon, with Dawn's part played by drcpunk

Harold Stein (hms42) requested Cat Faber's "Wings", which I sang.

akawil requested into Ben Newman's Lord V, performed by Batyatoon

crazedcrusader followed with his own "Mister S", also to the tune of "Lord V--".

nightface sang "Jaques Chretien"

At miriami's request, batyatoon sang "Title of the Song," by Da Vinci's Notebook.

crazedcrusader sang "Stopping for Woods on a Snowy Evening" (by Robert Frost), with an unknown operatic tune.

batyatoon sang her filk of Wings: White and Shining Feather.

sdelmonte sang Divine Irregularity, by Tom Smith

tirerem led a round, which we eventually broke up into parts -- led by Batya, BDan, and YT.

drcpunk led Falling Free, with her, batyatoon and myself in three part harmony.

I sang Lee Gold's "Wings" filk: Who'd Believe

Harold Stein requested a Kanef song, so Batya did "When the goose comes rising".

At this point ladymondegreen and akawil had returned from the laundrymat, so akawil requested a laundry song, and ladymondegreen did "Clothing Time."

nightface Something in hebrew about Beren and Luthien. Tara Hatichona Tinavial? Ah -- "Middle Earth Tinuvial"

miriami did Traffic Jam, accompanied by the memorex of Da Vinci's Notebook, who created it.

crazedcrusader did a lovely rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables, by Schoenberg, Kretzmer and Boublil

batyatoon sang her own "A Flower for Algernon."

sdelmonte sang "Does your matter lose cohesion on the transport overnight," by Jordon Mann

tirerem sang "The Chemical Worker's Song", by Great Big Sea.

drcpunk sang "Chrismas at Sea" -- Meg Davis/Robert Lewis Stephenson

I sang my version of Fairie Fires -- with lyrics by "Lady Veleda of Istenfiri", but tune and arrangement by YT, based on Heather Alexander's tune for "Lord Hathor's Ghost Stalion".

At Harold Stein's request that drcpunk perform a song she'd mentioned earlier, she did Song of the House (Stone are my wall) by Gordon Dickson.

By nightstalker's request, batyatoon and tirerem performed "The Galactica Overture", by Ben Newman.

akawil reqested a zombie song, so I led "Zombie Jamboree", after a hurried websearch.

ladymondegreen sang Distant Glass, by Merav Hoffman, with a bridge by Alan Toffler, with backing vocals by batyatoon.

nightface sang Yielding to Temptation, by Mark Mandel, ttto "Bin There, Dun That", by Cat Faber.

And we finished up with a group sing of "The Dark is Rising", by Julia Eklar and Susan Cooper, more than four hours after we began singing.
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