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Wittenberg Housefilk, Fawlkes, 06

We showed up late -- about 2:40, but only missed one song:

sdelmonte sang "Back One Week to the Future" by The Great Lukeski (ttto One Week)

We sat down, and the filk continued with happyfunpaul singing "Re: Your Brains (an office memo)", by Jonathan Coulton

mneme, drcpunk, batyatoon, and much of the rest of the company sang Mahna Mahna (by Henson).

Then we went to bardic

ladymondegreen sang Merav Hoffman's The Door to Summer, with batyatoon

marapfhile sang his own "Windows Boxes", ttto Little Boxes

madfilkentist did his own Stolen Dreams

Eyal performed mdlbear's "World Inside the Crystal"

miriyami requested Masochism Tango, which madfilkentist sang

crazedcrusader sang Stormy Weather

drcpunk sang Hawthorn Tree, by Heather Dale

mneme sang his (ok, my) own Kibeth (to an original tune, for a change)

bercilakslady requested Tam Lin, sung by batyatoon and ladymondegreen.

sdelmonte sang "Fannish Individual", by John Pomeranz (originally popularized by by gorgeousgary's rendition at LoneStarCon and Bucconeer)

Dov Mittleman sang Invitation, by Shel Silverstein, to his own tune

Ariel Cinii sang STS Lament, by herself ttto "I am a man of constant sorrow"

otherdeb performed her own "Fanac".

jonbaker sang: orawnzva's "Great Explorer Zero" (ttto: "The Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers)

hms42 requested Kanef's "Come Ye Muppets", which I (mneme) sang.

batyatoon sang her own "Word of Bob", ttto obvious (ie "Word of God", by catsittingstill).

mikestruffles sang most of "Bob Kanefsky"

happyfunpaul sang, um, some monstrosity about skullcrusher mountain. Called, strangely enough, "Skullcrusher Mountain", and written by Jonathan Coulton.

mikestruffles followed with the "Hockey Monkey".

Abby insta-ed, um, something appropriate.

ladymondegreen sang Merav Hoffman's "Sleep on the Ledge".

marapfhile sang his own "Don't Go Into (Interstellar) Politics", ttto "Don't Go Into Politics", by The Arrogant Worms

madfilkentist performed his own "Brain, Hands, and Heart," ttto "Mind, Hands, and Heart," by bedlamhouse

Miriam, with help from batyatoon, performed "Getting to be a Hobbit with Me"

Eyal sang mdlbear's "When I was a Lad" (ttto Hayes's original "When I Was a Boy")

miriyami sang, ttto "The Bananna Boat Song", her own, near instafilk: "Ebola!"

crazedcrusader sang her own "When the Filk Comes Rising" (ttto the obvious Eklar tune)

drcpunk read the maze scene from "Growing up Weightless", by John M. Ford

I (mneme) sang my own "Grew it Myself" (ttto "Do it Yourself" by bedlamhouse)

ebartley sang catsittingstill's "Bin There, Dun That"

zsero sang "Ankh Morpork Shel Zahav" (or if you like, אנך מורפורק של זהב).

Ariel Cinii performed her own "When Science Fiction Shows Were Free", ttto "Miama 2017" by Billy Joel.

bercilaklsady sang her own "Precious" ttto "Drink to me only with thine Eyes," by Ben Johnson.

Mark Glasser performed Andy Brechmen's "The Ship ? Duology" (correction request: what's the name here?)

mikestruffles sang, ttto Jordin Kare's Darkness, (I haven't the faintest idea). Anybody? Bueler?) ""

sdelmonte lead "The Mongol Happy Birthday Song" for mamadeb

Dov sang "The Hobbit went down to Mordor"

Liam Brown sang his own "Banned from Pesach" about Argo Cornstarch

jonbaker sang "Rickety Tickety Piers"

We had MassFILK on a cellphone, so the company (lead by Ariel Cinii) sang "Swing Low, Sweet Double-A" to them.

They wanted to serenade us as well, so we had them call Aaron's phone, and they sang "Barett's Privateers," with us coming in on the choruses.

Judith requested Mark Glasser's "'Change at Jamaica' Farewell," which he performed.

Miram requested, and Mark Glasser performed, "Charlie and the MTA"

batyatoon sang her Mornington Cresent, ttto Uffington Hill (by Talis Kimberly)

ladymondegreen sang "A Brief Summary Of Halacha As Understood By A Goy Who Hangs Around Observant Jews A Lot.", by akawil

happyfunpaul sang his own (words and music) "Fluorine Atom."

ladymondegreen and batyatoon sang "Lilo" (by Batya Wittenberg, Merav Hoffman, and Seanan McGuire) ttto "Wendy"

marapfhile sang his own "CD Boxes", also ttto "Little Boxes".

madfilkentist sang his translation of filker0's "Close Your Eyes" into German: "Mach Die Augen Zu", followed by a group performance of the same song in English for those that hadn't heard it before.

Eyal sang orawnzva's "Thomas and the Fairie Ring"

And we ended with a nameless mashup lead by Ariel Cinii, of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole" and some part of Carmen.
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