Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

I've been a bit addicted to Legends of the Green Dragon. Fun game, if silly -- and it looks to me like our own vixyish contributed avatar images for it -- unless those were by some other Michelle Dockery. Oddly, unlike most games out there, especially open source ones, there aren't extensive spoilers available for this one -- in fact, a couple of persistent questions I had I ended up just going source diving for.

This silly little bit of doggrel is likely only comprehensible to those who've spent way too much time on this silly little game:

No you can't go back to the Isle of Wen
Yes you can't go back to the isle of Wen
Why can't you go back to the Isle of wen.
Why will wen now be never on your map?
That's nobody's business but the saps.

The Isle of wen is now your home city,
Yes the Isle of wen's changed to your home city,
Why was the isle of wen replaced with your home city...
Tags: filk, lotgd, lyrics, silly
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