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Glimmerglass Housefilk "Fen and Filk" -- Dec 9, 2006

pocketnaomi and I went down to tnatj 's place for a hangout weekend and housefilk. Yeah, it's a long, long way to go for a housefilk. But it was pretty fun.

(Long, mostly full report on the housefilk follows. Thank you, Mark Mandel)

The Cast:

Susan Mordyk (qnvhrtz)
Dave Alway, our host. (tnatj)
Joshua Kronengold (mneme), yours truly.
Naomi Rivkis (pocketnaomi), my fellow far-traveller
Tess (born_to_me)
Jason Nuremburg (anach)
Betsey Nuremburg (jerusha)
Robin June Nakkula (robin_june)
Bob Alway (bigbumble)
Xap (exapno)
Gundo (gundo)
Jennette (qnvhrtz's daughterBrian and Martha's Daughter? (thanks, katyhh)
Sarah Zettel (sazettel)
Art Warneke
Tim Ryan
Alan Dormeir
Lori Mattingly
Thom Mattingly
Nick DiMasi

qnvhrtz started the filk out with "Give Yourself to Love", and set out the "usual rules", ie bardic. She also mentioned that she'd wanted to run it poker chip this time -- but had forgotten her poker chips.
Tim Ryan followed with "little town of bethlehem", trying to do it to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun", but falling back on the original tune. robin_june helped out by doing it as intended.
jerusha passed.
Jason Nuremburg performed a rousing rendition of Stan Rogers' "The Giant".
gundo did "Still haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
sazettel performed "Devil Eat the Groundhogs" on the violin.
robin_june performed her own "There's always tomorrow"
Alan Dormeir did "God Rest Ye Mighty Gentlemen" on the concertina.
tnatj recited "Dulcimeria"
pocketnaomi sang "Mail-Order Annie"
I sang my own "Looking In" ttto "Girl that's Never Been"
peteralway perfomed something on the banjo ukelele.
Brian sang Tom Lehrer's "A Christmas Carol"
Thom Mattingly sang "Don Quixote"
qnvhrtz sang "Circle of the Sun"
Tim Ryan played a recording of a hilarious (and very wrong) hymn medely
almeda sang Jonathan Colton's "Merry Christmas from Kiron Beta Prime"
jerusha sang catsittingstill's "Bin There, Dun that"
anach performed "Discovery" by Chris Deburgh
gundo performed, um, something gorgeous. Peter Hamilmon's "Mission to my Soul"
sazettel sang Cherry Tree Carol
robin_june sang "Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber"
tnatj performed The Librarian's Sonnet
pocketnaomi sang "Texas Underground"
I sang Tom Smith's "Bermuda Triangle"
peteralway sang "Over the Rainbow"
Lori Mattingly recited a "Jolly Holly"
Thom Mattingly and qnvhrtz (and Lori Mattingly?) sang "Dark Man"
qnvhrtz sang "I like to watch you Caulk", by Simmons and Smack?, ttto "I like to watch you walk" by Rob Holsten
Tim Ryan played a recording of The Techmonks at Michigan Tech, doing something about drinking and sped up.
almeda sang the "Editor's Waltz"
jerusha sang Heather Rose Jones' "Welsh History 101" (the long verson).
anach performed Cynthia McQuillin's "Sword of Your Fathers"
gundo sang the Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil," with, I think, various bits of other stuff.
sazettel played "Blade and Races"
robin_june sang John Duffy, Chaw Mank, and Joe Kingston's "Bringing Mary Home"
Alan Dormeir performed "Sing Choires of Angels" on the concertino
tnatj requested a song from ?, who sang Uplift
I sang my own "Little Beard Blue", ttto the_gwenzilliad's "Little Boy Blue"
exapno requested a performance from Peter Alway, who did "exapno's Lament" on the keyboard
born_to_me sang "Cracked Nuts"
Peter Alway played something nice on the dulcimer.
Brian sang "Something in the way they Croon"
Lori performed "The Last Christmas Tree"
Thom Mattingly performed "Mal's Song" (by vixyish, written around Joss Whedon's theme for Firefly)
? qnvhrtz performed something about Frodo ("Ring of Power"?)
Tim Ryan played a recording of "Dear Santa Song" by ?
almeda sang Eric Bogle's "Little Gomez"
anach sang Pink Floyd's "Time"
jerusha sang/led Cat Faber's "Word of God"
gundo sang Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"
robin_june sang Frank Hayes's "Moggy the Cat" (tt/w by Eric Bogle)
sazettel sang "Orange Cocoa Cake" by Lou and Peter Barryman
Art sang "The Walk of (Eternal) Life"
Nick DiMasi sang his own "Hope Weary"
I sang "Life of a Frog" by Henson
born_to_me requested Brian sing something, and he sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Yes, all of it, acapella, including the guitar parts. He did get a -bit- of help on the call/repsonse parts.
janmagic put on Joe Giacoco's ?(insturmental)
peteralway played/led "Rainbow Connection" on the on the banjo ukelele.
Lori recited "Silver Bells"
Thom Mattingly sang Sloop John B, and we broke for dinner
After dinner, qnvhrtz ended the dinner break by singing "Something I can hold onto"
Jennette played a recording of of her her sister in a choral performance of "Living in a Holy City"
Tim Ryan sang "Robin's Song" from A Christmas Carol
almeda sang Matt Leger(crazycajun)'s "A Simple Country Doctor"
jerusha sang cadhla's "I Am"
anach and born_to_me sang "Young Men And Fire"
gundo sang "I'll fly away," with much backup.
sazettel sang "Maid on the Shore"
robin_june sang John Denver's "Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas"
Alan Dormier performed Z on the concertino
Art sang his own Shadow Scream
bigbumble requested Pengo the Penguin from almeda, which was actually Filk Safety Tips, performing with Peter Alway, who had also requested that they do it.
Nick sang "We are the Pythons", ttto "We are the Champions"
tnatj sang his own "Grand Mir Bay", ttro "Grandolay"
pocketnaomi sang her her own Apologia Ab Result
I sang my arrangement of Cat Faber's "She is Gone" (with -nice- backup from pocketnaomi and almeda)
born_to_me recited The Cat's Song
janmagic played another Giacoco song from CD
peteralway performed his own (to pocketnaomi's challenge) setting of "An Irish Airman Forsees his Death", with backing on dulcimer
Brian, with accompaniment by robin_june, sang ?
Lori Mattingly recited The Land of Nod
Thom Mattingly sang "Jayne" (by Joss Whedon)
qnvhrtz sang "Christmas in Prison", by John Pryne
Tim Ryan played a recording of "Uncle Dave's Grace", by Lou and Peter Berryman
almeda sang "Solar Flare" Sam Baardman
jerusha sang Cat Faber's "I Meant to Do That"
anach sang "Braniac"
gundo sang "I walk the Line"
robin_june sang "It Ain't Easy Being Sauron"
Art sang his own "Who's Got the Ring"
bigbumble sang ?(damn. I have no idea)
Peter Alway sang The Lochtender's Lament, by Robert Schmertz
I sang "Dark is Rising" (by tj, with many lyrics by Susan Cooper)
exapno requested something from peteralway, who sang "Orion Hill"
born_to_me sang "If I needed you", by Towns Fansand
janmagic requested "Fellowship Going South" from anach, which he performed.
peteralway played the fourth piece on his recording with the late Dell Taylor, his own composition.
qnvhrtz sang "Chocolate is a vegitable" at Brian's request
At Lori's request almeda and Art sang "Pale Colors".
At Lori's request peteralway sang his own "Barfy the Seasick Hedgehog" with banjo ukelele.
Thom Mattingly sang "Benson Arizona".
qnvhrtz sang "The Way Old Friends Do".
Tim Ryan played a CD of a performance of "Chrismas in the Trenches".
Jason Nuremberg sang "Roman Wall Blues", by William Auden/Alex Harvey.
gundo sang, um, I have no idea.
robin_june sang "Love 'till you've loved it away"
Art sang "Man is Alive", by Lou Kapu
bigbumble sanghis own "Steel on Steel", ttto "Jingle Bells".
jerusha sang catsittingstill's "Least of My Kind"
Nick sang his own "I just can't stay up that late any more".
tnatj requested that Art do "Nearly Headless Nick", which he did.
I sang my own "Bring It", ttto and following "Least of My Kind".
exatno requested "Second Hand Songs", which jerusha sang and gundo played.
born_to_me recited Attack of the Squash People, by March Pearsy.
janmagic requested "something by the Grateful Dead" from Art, who performed Ripple
peteralway played something lovely and insturmental on the dulcimer
Brian sang Silent Night in German.
Brian, Lori and Thom Mattingly sang "Boat on the River"
Thom Mattingly sang "Spend My Life with You"
And the company ended with what's apparently the traditional ender here (as well as many other places) Health to the Company (lead by qnvhrtz).

A most enjoyable time -- and thank you, all, for having me (and putting up with my getting what I needed to write this stuff down).
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