Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Updates and stuff

I haven't posted for a while (bad me. Too much backlog), so this is going to be a quick schmorgasbord:

John M. Ford died. This sucks. We'll be at Boskone, and try to make the auction.

tnajt (Dave Alway) died. This sucks more. I had spent a fair amount of time around him right before, too, ending with GaFilk (which he died on the way back from). I've got some pics up at including Dave pics in the GaFilk 07 and "Glimmerglass Housefilk" galleries. I need to post my GaFilk report, but that will happen when it does.

I've been doing a lot of gaming, including running a third session of my "Etheric Sea" game. This is cool. And I've been practicing harp again and using a metronome (not always at the same time).

Molly Ivins died. Taste the suckitude. I've been following her collumn for years. Not as sucky as Dave, though.

I'll be at D'Zenove this weekend (travelling overnight tonight). See all of youz who are going! I won't be bringing a harp, though (see: "air travel")

Later in the year (through the summer), I plan to make, in no particular order, Boskone, Origins, Gencon, Lunacon, FKO, Conterpoint, Dexcon, and Intercon G. Might also make Balticon, and/or Mythcon. See people there who are going.

Also, we still have two Worldcon memberships, for sale for "best offer". Because, you know, I don't feel like going to Japan.

And...that is all.
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