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Eggs and Endorphins

I went to the dentist today. For the first time in...let's just say…

1/22/03 02:44 pm

I went to the dentist today.

For the first time in...let's just say "a while". It was odd; I'm used to having to make an appointment and all that, but as it was...I wandered over with a co-worker, had an appointment in 10 minutes, and was out (specifically, out $50, which is something like what each of my -7- new fillings will cost me out of pocket, as I get them over the next few weeks) about an hour or so later.

The fact is, I'm not sure where I got the notion, but I've gotten into the habit of assuming that you need an invitation to see a doctor. Which is one reason I went so long (er, around 6 years, and maybe 2-3 before that) between going to the dentist, and haven't had a checkup since my previous primary care physician pretty much stopped taking gencare patients (and he never really gave enough time to them anyways; I mostly selected him because he's a very good gastroenterologist). Naturally, most -doctors- don't assume that you need an invitation (an appointment, yes, usually, my experience aside, but an invitation, no), but emotionally, I can't really convince myself of it.

I can't convince myself that my teeth don't hurt, either, but they don't feel any worse than they did yesterday...and one presumes this is more of a "good hurt" rather than a "nasty bad" hurt.
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