Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

OVFF, in ten sentences

Good Con.
Great concerts.
Best performer at the concerts: Judy Miller -- as usual.
Didn't get enough singing done, mostly because there were few small circles.
I think there were few small circles mostly because the "theme circle" thang was deemphasized, probably accidentally, both by reducing from two theme sircles to one and by putting theme circle signup sheets on the doors at the beginning of reg rather than leaving them on the reg table for most of Friday; I'd rather go the other way and distribute photocopies of the theme schedule everywhere, as they did the One/Two shots.
What singing I did get was mostly harmony, of which I did a lot, and late night filking.
Of particular note was the tail of the dead dog, with orawnzva, catalana, tollers, and myself coming in on nearly every song, and great harmony.
Napping pre-dead dog was a good idea.
Great to see/meet everyone.
See you all next year!
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