Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


Actually had fragments of a dream survive waking this morning, which is unusual for me.

A woman was pregnant, and giving birth. Nor normally, but in pieces -- a brain, bits of a throat, a headless body, and finally a clearly still living baby head.

To me fell the job of putting the baby back together. I put the head and body easily enough, leaving the throat out for now, lest the baby come back to life while still incomplete. Now...the brain.

I took the brain and put it into the head, but something was missing. I looked around at the various parts, and realized I only had half the brain -- the bottom half. (yes, apparently, baby brains are split top-bottom in my dreams. Or something.)

Ah, there's the other half. I picked it up, and...oops. It fell to pieces, all over the floor. Probably not recoverable, but still...I started picking up pieces. Ew.

Eventually, I had most of the pieces in the head. Looked awful, though. broken in bits, and previously unnoticed big black spots in places.

Nothing for it; I concentrated, and did something magical to the brain. Opened my eyes, worked! The brain was now whole, perfect, uniform, and crystal clear. it supposed to be that uniform? Don't babies learn things in the womb or something?

About here is when I woke up.

I can't say this is a typical Josh-dream, though -- as said, I remember so few of them, and usually very little of those and usually fleetingly.
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