Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


Lisa's sleeping in, so I'm sleeping in too. She wanted to sleep for an extra hour after we woke at 8ish, so we went back to sleep. This was what I dreamed before I woke at 9ish.

I was at Games Club, at Columbia but in one of the smaller buildings, not Lerner. Lisa was there too, of course. So were some of the newer crop of GCers, probably blond Aaron.

In came a bunch of fencers from Ramon Martinez's fencing class, including rm, but nobody who was actually there when I was. Ray and Jeanette were there too. I started changing my shoes (i didn't have gear, but maybe I was hoping to fence anyway?).

For some reason, we all had to leave the building. I was going to go back for the shoe I took off, after gouing though security but people said we were just coming back in 20 minutes, so I didn't, leaving with one shoe off and one on.

On the way, we saw a small girl, lying very still on a bench, on near her, a cat playing (?) in Jello. Aaron went over to play with the cat. After a while, someone asked if we should check on the girl (ulp). So somone did. "She's alive" they said.

And I woke.
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