Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Lost & Found & Conan

I switched from Conan to reading email toward the end of the 7 train half of my commute today, got off the train at Grand Central -- and realized Conan had gotten left behind just as the doors closed.


For a change, I decided I'd try to find it -- I took a train to TSQ, switched onto the waiting train as the most likely to be the one I'd been on (I don't think it was; it had blinkilights I didn't recognize), and looked through the two most likely cars. No dice.

"The janitors must have been too efficient", I thought. Hmm. I got off at Grand Central (again) and took another train to Times Square. Two janitors later -- I've got my copy of Essential Conan back!

The story I just finished ends with the kind of cliche they just don't do straight any more -- Conan must choose between saving the treasure he's been working for all story and the girl. And true to pulp heroes everywhere, he saves the girl, without hesitation or regrets. (the story, "Jewels of Gwahlur", is pretty good -- and -very- pulp, with our scheming but heroic hero attempting his own theft amidst existing -grand- swindles. And unlike most Conan stories -- no snakes!) In -any- modern treatment, I'd expect to see this twisted, but it's kinda amusing to see how many different ways I'd expect to see it twisted.

Many heroes would hesitate. Possibly too long or more likely, almost too long. A bunch would save the girl and then go after the treasure as a followup, or reveal that they'd switched the treasure beforehand. Vance's Cudgel (or another anti-hero) would unhesitatingly save the treasure. Indy or Spidey would do a spectacular stunt and save -both-.
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