Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Lunacon Instas and Liveblogging

To catsittingstill's tune Wings, about a character from Catherine Valente's _Orphan's Tales_ novels...

A princess she once was, before she was changed,
Her form made quite monstrous, from rescue enstranged,
Fur on her skin,
given parts -- bird to stoat
Under her wings is a coat

And another insta -- this one to Jordin Kare's "We Sail for Amber" about Zelazny's blockbuster:

We shop for amber,
We have lots but we need some more
We shop for amber,
As we hunt on the dealers' floor.

Hold fast to Amber,
As it warms in your hand so nice
Pay cash for Amber,
As we bargain for half the price.

I'll do some byreq journaling once I'm back. In the meanwhile -- Lunacon has been a touch small, but fun. Friday, I did the "sex & writing" track, then latenight filk. I'm sure drcpunk will have a better summary of the former, but the only thing I wrote down was Jacqueline Carey saying that the reason she put the Signal (ie, the safeword) into her novels was to underscore and emphasize the importance of consent in bdsm.

Today, I played "An UnConventional Odyssey", an excellent 2 hour larp where I got to play the other side of (nearly) every phone call in the game.

Wandered for a bit, then got a few hours of Race for the Galaxy (still fun, but gaming was still pretty lame overall at-con, with nearly no games being played I wanted to play other than those I brought with me).

After dinner (mediocre buffet, but very, very yummy deserts -- a clotted cream-like confection in a chocolate covered wafer cup, delicate small cinnamon cannolis, a surprisingly good cheesecake, and a lovely, not at all cloying lemon pie) we did Esther Freisner's very silly opening party for her novel _Nobody's Prize_ -- very silly greek themed carnival, from which we took home four stuffed sheep (one from the Kalisti raffle).

Then another panel, and a lot more filking. Filking has more or less broken up, at 3:40 or so, but we had a lot of songs (and I got to deliver the above instas).
Tags: fandom, filk, lunacons, lyrics, music
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