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Little Beard Blue

I've occasionally been asked why the song mentioned above ends where it does, rather than where the actual Bluebeard story does.

And having thought of it....a lot of it is that my song isn't really about Bluebeard, any more than the original song is about Little Boy Blue (the story).

Around the second time I was hearing Little Boy Blue, before I'd really parsed all the words, I started clicking with the story, and when I heard the verse that goes:

Little Boy Blue's got a fire in his head
Fueled by the these visions that fill him with dread
In a paranoid rage, he does what he must do
No one burns bridges like Little Boy Blue

My first thought was that he'd done somthing...a lot nastier than he actually had. Which, of course, lead to Little Beard Blue.

So part of it is that that -- it ending right there, without the happy ending, is exactly the mood I was going for with my song. And another is that as much as this is a retelling of Bluebeard, it's also just a song about psychos, and they don't all end the same way.

And a third reason, which I didn't really think of until today, is that yes, this is a song about Bluebeard. But when did I say that this is his -last- wife? Maybe she is, and her brothers come to rescue her. And then again....well, maybe she isn't.

And that may, or may not give you an idea of where my head is, or at least was. :)
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