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Eggs and Endorphins

Dim Sum!

3/23/08 04:15 pm - Dim Sum!

Yesterday we needed to get takeout before picking up daftnewt. We also wanted a teapot and a kettle, so I steered us for Chinatown, despite it being past 7pm when we got there.

The supermarket was closed, so we went past and got take-out from Mandarin Garden As befit my evil plan, Mandarin Garden serves a (limited) dim sum menu at all hours--which when we cracked it 3 hours later, was still quite nice. Har Gow (shrmp in rice dumpling), lotus paste bun, roast pork bun (steamed buns, as we disvoerred, microwave quite nicely), etc.

Of course, we still didn't have a kettle, so I suggested we do dim sum today as well. Grand Harmony's dim sum still kicks all kinds of ass, even at 2pm -- rice noodle shrimp and har how, of course, but also taro roast chicken dumplings (cold, but nice), a bizarre but good turnip and fennel dumpling, a superb rice dumpling with spinach and shrimp, a lovely triangle pastry with sweet roast pork inside (more a desert, regardless of the fact that it had meat), a large spinach dish, and coconut gellatin with beans in it. Mostly didn't even have to go hunting wayward carts.


We got a kettle, too, but that's another story.
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