Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

The Folk Process: now with melody!

As much as I hate to trip-post on the same topic -- I finally got around to recording a version of The Folk Process that I don't totally hate. It's about 2 megs -- download it here.

I'm still, naturally, Just Too Lazy to sequence it into sheet music. Maybe at some point.

Oddly, the above recording, which I, at least, find listenable, was done with an annoying cough. The fact that I could do a recording I didn't hate may (please?) be a sign that said cough is, you know, receeding -- but I'm not terribly happy with my body right now -- between cold my right-now cold, persistent aesophegal issues, knee issues, a charlie horse got by using a cane to mitigate the knee issues...
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