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Finally -- Video from Boskone

cadhla was the GOH at Boskone. And she did some concerts, sometimes with friends.

I...took video from a bunch of them, oddly enough. The video even has music. Surprising how good a video from a tiny camera can sound, really. Eventually, I got around to getting permission, and got around to getting them all up on Youtube.

So, only three months later, here are some songs from Boskone!

The Ghost of Lilly Kane:

Mario's Lament:

Maybe It's Crazy:

Oh, Michelle:

Vamping before Calling to the Storm:

Calling to the Storm:

Missing Part:

And from the Lady Mondegreen Children's Concert on Sunday:

Lullabye (Go to Bed!):


And a Monster/Horror Medly:

Tags: boskone, filk
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