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For fans of elizibethan canons and Firefly

All, you know, two of you.

Firefly Canon
ttto "Hey Ho, to the Greenwood", by William Byrd, 1543-1623

Take us out to the black, in joy and pain
The sky to gain
And there shall we find Wash, Mal and Jayne
The sky to gain
Inara, Book and River who's insane
The sky to gain

For the tune, well, you could websearch, but why do that when I did it for you?

Scan of the sheet music from Ravenscroft:

Or there's a midi file here:

And both midi and sheet music agree -- my decade+ old memory of the song's rhythm is Totally Off! So I'm going to have to relearn it!
Tags: filk, firefly, music
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