Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

I should post more. Of course, most of my entries start that way.

I'm slowly trying to learn (or relearn) how to use the medical architecture, rether than staying away from it.

Last month, I saw a dentist, as I think I posted; I still should go back for my last of threee dental appointments releated to the badness they found there.

Today, I saw an orthepedist for the mild, but persistent pain I've been having in my knee (well, both knees, but he guesses the damage is only in one of them). I got X-rayed, prodded, and spent a lot of time waiting. And I'm going to get an MRI on Monday, I guess, so the wheels of medicine appear to be slowly turning.

In the meanwhile...a reasonable amount is going on. I've not been home enough to manage coding progects, but I'm in mythepoeic reading season, and have been reading a lot of good young adult books, as well as some good adult ones (though I'm letting Lisa lead on those, to make sure I don't get behind enough that I never catch up, like last year (plus, I think the average quality/enjoyability is higher for children's books). Will see if I can post some recomendations when I'm -not- on a handheld without cut/paste capabilities. I'm also rinning a 12 or so person LARP a week from sunday that should prove fun.
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