Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Lisa in hospital

Lisa, after 28 hours of abdominal pain, was finally pursuaded to go to a hospital.

They think she has a urinary track infection, but want to run a CAT scan to check for apendicitis anyway. Should be in here for 5-6 more hours while they run tests. (unless she has apendicits, in which case...longer)

In the meanwhile, am here keeping her company, rather than at the con singing. Not so happy, but we have Heroes to watch and I have an APA to hack. Meanwile, Lisa's working on her barium milkshake. Yum. Barium. (berry flavored, at least; Lisa says it's not as bad as she expected).

(feel free to pass this on to Barry, of course).
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