Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

SC4, Worldcon

Worldcon was fun, if somewhat amorphous. I filked, harped, gamed (lots of Race for the Galaxy on Sunday; Monkeys on the Moon and Early American Chrononauts and a few other games before that), socialized, and even went to the GOH speach, where Bulhold talked about her early days in fandom and why there will probably not be more than five Chalion books (and that no, the next Vor book won't be an Ivan book, though we're still working on her to write one, and it's apparently a common question. And I was Jupiter in Sue DG's Giant Sized Schoolhouse Rock-based Masquerade entry (which won a craftsmanship award for clarity of execution, surprising Susan, and a performance award for being silly, er, "Best scientific defense of the indefensible"), which more or less ate Friday.

In my spare moments (and some not-spare ones), I've been playing Soul Calibur IV for the PS3 -- which is hella fun if you like fighting games (I do, though I'm terrible at them). Played on line last night, and proved to be a colossal fish, though it was fun and I did win four matches (of, oh, 24 -- won one ranked match of 10, then spanked one opp twice in a friendly room before he kicked me (for being too good? who knows?), then lost five matches to a very good opponent who had created Street Fighter themed versions of several characters (Chun Li with Taki's style; M. Bison with Centares's; he used the iconic moves that made these work, too), finally played another opponent who I beat 3/2 once, and then lost six matches (but not infrequently winning some games) to, which was actually fun and satisfying. In online play, I'm a collossal fish, (and I need to make an Amy custom character that's designed for a distinctive look, not mucking with the mechanical microgame), but it's fun anyway, and I'll hopefully improve with practice.

Mind, my harping has suffered a bit; I've been trying to get -some- practice in, but after a bit of work, the tension between moar SC4 and harpwork is a bit high...
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