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willshetterly posted a set of rules for commenting in his blog/journal, including "no spoilers". Naturally, I had to post some.

I've numbered them, to make it easy to guess what they're spoilers -to- -- some are easy, some trivial, some pretty hard. drcpunk is ineligible because she guessed most of them already and was told the rest.

  1. It's a sled. (fleetfootmike)
  2. He's a she. (easy, but arguably devotedbear. Ambug was the first to name it, though)
  3. They win. They win, but the king still dies. One wins, two lose, one doesn't play, all but one dies, and he's not the one that won. (kokoinai)
  4. After going to the moon, they come home. (stormsweeper)
  5. After going to the moon, they go into space and conquer the galaxy.
  6. The big bad guys lose. The big good guys have left the building.
  7. They do, in fact, find the promised land. And keep it for a while. Here are some rules for you to follow. (fiddledragon)
  8. He loses, but gets a new job, and so do all his friends.
  9. They win. But that's boring, so they start over again. (tirerim)
  10. They die and go to heaven. (fiddledragon)
  11. Five return, and one goes alone. (fiddledragon)
  12. Some go, two stay and rule. And two stay for a long while, and then go.(fleetfootmike)
  13. They live happily ever after.

(the last one's not worth guessing, but it's the only spoiler without a specific behind it)
Tags: quiz, sillies, spoilers
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