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So, I couldn't find my PlayStation keyboard.

jlighton was over, and we both looked a bit (in between, you know,
playing Rock Band), and couldn't find it. Twice.

And I couldn't find it the few times I played on the PS3 this week.

Today I finally took a good crack at looking for it. And bombed. It wasn't on the shelves (where it normally lives). Not on the bed. Ok, our place is a bit of a wreck, but there just aren't that many places for a full-sized keyboard to live.

I looked:

  • on the couch (bed)

  • on all the shelves

  • under the couch

  • behind the AC

  • under the clutter

  • behind/on the AV system

  • Under Lisa

  • In all the other rooms of the house.

  • Under all the furniture.

  • In all the other rooms of the house (again).

And so on.

But, I didn't find it. Have you spotted it yet?

I'd pretty much given up -- though it didn't make any sense to me. But, I didn't think it would hurt to make one more check behind the AV system.

Where I spotted...well, let's have a close-up. Look closely.

Yeah, that's right. Between the PS3 and the monitor, I'd cleverly placed the keyboard, in a position that not only was quite nice and accessible, but also gave the black keyboard, between the black PS3 and the black bordered monitor, perfect camouflage.

OK, that's what I've been lead to believe. But we all know what's really going on -- my PS3 keyboard is a ninja, which managed to find the perfect hiding spot. But that won't stop me from typing on it. And playing Rock Band (ignoring the ninja keyboard. It's not so good for Rock Band, since ninjas don't make noise) -- at least I managed to "gold star" Pinball Wizard (with 98%. The 100% score will have to wait until I can nail the last phrase reliably).
Tags: laptop, ninja
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