Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


(I accidentally posted this to the gaming journal. So it goes, but might as well crosspost it here).

When planning for tonight's New Year's party (and what to bring) it occured
to me that I hadn't made chocolate truffles in a number of years, and I
somewhat supidly decided to do so. After all, I still had 7 pounds of
chocolate in my fridge.

An hour of work last night, and four hours of work for two people today
later (and why haven't I made truffles for a few years again?), I now have a
bag of truffles -- xtabentun, slightly spicy amaretto, and very spicy
amaretto. The first two are very subtle -- enough that I mostly can't tell
which is which without a label, though they're yummy anyway. The latter is,
um, not. We made teeny tiny truffles after I let Lisa taste one and she
realized exactly how strong they were (enough that a -small- one is quite,
er, pleasant).

The last time I made "truffles", I lazied out and just brought a tub of
ganache and let people take their fill. This is nicer, but dayim.

Still, I hope people enjoy them. (later: yes, people enjoyed them and I got a lot of good responses to them, though there was competition enough (between my truffles, mephistakitten's truffles, and other food at the party that I've still got a fair number left. The xtabentun batch I was carrying around (i.e. not the reserve I left at home) did go away when I brought them to gaming yesterday, though that's not hugely surprising; I expected the spicy truffles, even the "hint of spice" ones, to go slower.
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