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New Song: FMD

This has taken a long time to post, mostly due to technical difficulties. Actually, I had to pull it out of archival to find it.

At batyatoon's housefilk (where I still am, yay!) Will claimed
that with its many parodies Still Alive was the Banned from Argo of its
time. And 'proved' it with the first of two parodies.

It was a pretty good song, but I don't think the parallel is quite right;
in fact, there's another song that is even more well known for being
parodied. An hour later, I sang this.

Feed my Drive

This was a screw-up
I'm making a note here,
Its hard to chart the scope of this disaster.
Space is quite empty
Atoms are just so hard to find,
(but) for the good of all of us,
We just have got to find some,
Now our course is set, as the star-lanes we fly
If our ship goes empty we are likely to die.
So we'll keep our eyes peeled,
Before our fates are sealed,
As we look for fuel to feed the drive

We're not really empty.
Because if we were, we'd have no hope.
Even though we wouldn't just stop moving
According to physics
Although that would mean we'd never stop
We would just fly at very slowly
Which is nearly as bad
So our engine's data makes a harrowing line,
Caught between star systems as we we run out of time
We need something to burn, before we cannot turn
As we look for fuel to feed the drive

We would try to sieve space,
But that doesn't work without a sieve,
Maybe we will find a ship to help us.
Maybe the Christian,
That was a joke, that's not this song.
Anyway, we'll stay the course,
And hope we channel the Force,
Look at me here talking when there's science to do,
Let's invent propulsion from some tic-tacs and glue,
Or we could just have sex,
While we wait for Deus Ex,
To deliver fuel to feed the drive

Someone give us fuel to feed the drive,
Or discover gruel to feed the drive
Or invent a tool to feed the drive
Or scapegoat a fool to feed the drive
Or when you're dead then you'll feed the drive
Feed the drive
Feed the drive
Tags: filk, lyrics, music
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