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Whee! I can put weight on my left leg now! [*ouch*. This doesn't stop it from hurting]

Oh, right, those of you who haven't heard from me in person yet don't know about this (oops). :) Bad Josh, no LJ updates.

After getting my leg MRIed (that one made it to LJ, at least), a week before last Thursday, I was told I had a tear in my miniscus (well, he -said- the cartiledge, but was pretty specific, and they did confirm that it was the miniscus today) and that while I -could- avoid having it fixed and instead use medication or just grin and bear it, it wasn't a really good idea. So I made an appointment to have it fixed last wednesday (with Arthoscopy, which means they put a camera into your knee and fix things through some very small incisions).

So wednesday, after the customary hour of boredom when I didn't have a book, I woke up (another hour later, of course), and was told that he'd fixed some arthritis he found as well as the miniscus, and would I please avoid putting any weight onto the leg until after a doctor told me to, and my next appointment was on monday (today)

Anyways, today, they took the stitches out, and told me I could put weight on the leg (weaning myself slowly off the crutches I'd rather just throw down as soon as I can, but that would -hurt-), and oh, by the way, it's going to be swelling for most of the next month since he damaged the bone in order to get it to heal the arthritis [how nice; well, getting stuck with arthritis is, but...].

So...I can walk now (with diffuclty)! I can take stairs up (one at a time, but it's a lot easier than trying to lever myself up on every f*ing step)! I can think about taking the trains, rather than avoiding them for dear life! Life is good.

Or at least, it's better than yesterday, when I had -no- idea how long I'd be on the damned crutches without being able to put weight on my leg.

Oh, and while I'm posting, happy (long) belated birthday to the_gwenzilliad, and happy (in advance) birthday to nycajun
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