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The Word Meme: cards, smile, shoes, quiet, home

From maverick_wierdo.


Like many gamers, I've spent a lot of time playing card games -- from "normal" games like Gin, Bridge, Poker, and and many others besides, to various CCGs (Magic in '93, if you please; I owned a Black Lotus, but never a Mox; On The Edge when it came out from Atlas in '94, though I haven't touched it for years (I've still got an OMNI deck and various others sitting around); Shadowfist as a matter of course, after playtesting it in Yonkers, and, of course, the usual set of demos and such), and, of course, enoumous numbers and varieties of "board games" played with cards -- of which my current favorites are Dominion and Race for the Galaxy, though there are many, many others well worth playing. Card games have enoumous advantages -- from inherently having both randomness and (with the use of a "hand") a good way to select the best of a set of random choices; both mechanics being really important in games. I've also got a small collection of tarot decks, though while I carried around a Sacred Rose deck for a while, I've never really had a habit of using the cards; they're often useful inspiration, though, when I think of it (among my tarot decks are a number of gaming decks; Tarot the game, predating their use for divination by some time, is a nice play on the trick-taking game concept, though as byzantine in scoring as suits its age). I'm an indifferent card cheat (I can stack a deck passing well in shuffles if nobody's paying attention to me, and perform a clumsy one-handed cut), and in terms of non-gaming cards, still carry around a "pope" card.

Smile: I've been told I have a nice smile. Most people have, I suppose. On the other hand, I had various points where I fell out of the habit -- I think I started trying to retrain myself to smile when it seemed appropriate at about 12 or so.

Shoes: I tend to have one or two pairs of shoes, and wear them until they wear out, then buy new ones. For a while, I favored water-proof shoes, but recently I've been going back to sneakers -- favoring light steps over dry feet. Beyond those, I do keep some shoes around for specialized purposes; I always have dance shoes -- jazz flats (my dance group requires them, and they're pretty good for dancing in in general; these used to -hurt- as they don't provide much support, but I've gotten used to them), and I have a few pairs of nice shoes for various values of nice (patent leather for dancing at nice events where they're appropriate or dress events, loafers, a few other pairs I don't wear much).

Quiet: I'm not, much. On the other hand, as a long-standing reader, I am very comfortable with quiet; I can happily -- at home, or with friends -- spend hours hanging out in silence, reading, napping, or -- with the right person, snuggling. I'm not the kind of person who never experiences quiet but that they must interrupt it, though my volume control (when I am talking) is perhaps a bit lacking.

Home: ~home is where you keep your stuff. More seriously, I don't seem to spend that much time at home; we more or less epitomize the "harried social class", though we don't, like some, spend a huge amount of time traveling to foreign climes (on the other hand, we/I do go to an awful lot of cons compared to some), but I do (despite being a terrible housekeeper) enjoy spending time at home reading or computing, and even entertaining. I don't have an awful lot of affection for my home (although I love New York -- my larger home); I develop affection for people (like drcpunk, among others, but never forgotten), not things.
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