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Eggs and Endorphins


11/22/09 01:13 pm - Arms

Dan IMed me when I was offline. When I finally got back to him, I was on AIM with several pages, looking at a bunch of different web sites, brushing lsa's hair, and trying to figure out what to do for the day. So...

(11:19:09 AM) DanNKapp: What's up?
(1:04:10 PM) mnemesys: I need more arms.
(1:05:08 PM) DanNKnapp: arms are useful.
(1:05:15 PM) DanNKnapp: but too many of them seem like they would get in the way.
(1:06:08 PM) mnemesys: Sure, but 4 or 6 would be viable. Maybe 4 tentacles plus two normal arms? The tentacles can handle tasks farther away; the arms can handle the "in front of me" jobs?
(1:06:17 PM) DanNKnapp: that makes sense to me.
(1:06:17 PM) mnemesys: yes, I'm aware of what this leads too. :)
(1:06:22 PM) DanNKnapp: the primary problem is shoulders.
(1:06:28 PM) DanNKnapp: which tentacles do help to solve.
(1:06:31 PM) DanNKnapp: what does this lead to? :)
(1:06:38 PM) mnemesys: Fighting spiderman, apparently.
(1:06:41 PM) DanNKnapp: haha.
(1:06:42 PM) DanNKnapp: fair enough.

What's scary enough is that until I expressed the tentacle idea (mostly, to handle the close/far issue and that you mostly want extra arms to handle tasks you're not looking at, so you need a lot more swivel than your regular arms have) it hadn't occured to me that I was reinventing a popular Marvel Comics villain.
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