Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Anyone want some games?

Spring cleaning season is here -- AKA "time to put the air conditioners in" season.

As such, I've decided it's time to finally get rid of all the stuff that had been moldering in the "time to get rid of this" pile. Anyone want anything? Here's the list:

Z-Man B-Movie card games: Bell Bottomed Badasses, Kung Fu Samurai, Graverobers, and Skippy's Revenge (Grave Robbers II).
Gother than Thou
Basari (a pretty cool gem-trading game marred by my dislike of the "pick one of three actions, you're screwed if you pick the same action someone else did" mechanic)
Lowenherz (a version of Domain with the same mechanic).
The Order of the Stick (Cool chrome, and the game captures it well. takes long after it stops being fun to end. Maybe the expansion (called "the Shortening" for some reason) fixes it? I didn't bother to find out.
Grand Tribunal: Pretty interesting game, except for the lack of components lining up with rules. It's possible that the post-eratta game is good; I don't know, I can't get anyone to try it.
Dungeoneer (Undead): This is actually a really fun pseudo-RPG in a card game. But I've not played it since the Origins I bought it at, so out it goes.
Nanoficitionary (Beta): I've got the regular game, and I'm not much of a collector. So out it goes.

Anyone want anything? Make me an offer -- including "I'll pay shipping" or "bring it to Games Club/Gencon/Conterpoint and I'll take it" as well as cash/trade offers, and we'll talk; anything I can't get rid of quickly goes out, along with many many books.
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