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Eggs and Endorphins

Late Eclipse

3/14/11 05:38 pm - Late Eclipse

This and the following post were originally intended to be a single post; a
spoiler-free micro review with a spoilery review behind the cut.

Then, because I'm not a complete idiot, it occurred to me that that was
tantamount to disabling comments on the outer post, so here we are.

Late Eclipses (Seanan McGuire, 2011, DAW) is an excellent book
and you should read it. However, since it's the fourth book in the Toby
Daye series, you probably should read the other three books in the series,
and I'm not reviewing them today.

Should you read the prior books, however, and go on to read Late Eclipses,
here's what you'll win:

* Nasty, nasty, sidhe politics
* Real and significant movement in the series plot.
* A badass heroine with a brain (who uses it, even).
* Heroic urban fantasy in a De Lint mode, with the mystery-flavor-of-the
book (yep--different this time too) being something I'll label as "killer
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