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Eggs and Endorphins

not getting married...

7/18/03 07:54 pm - not getting married...

I mean, not going to concertino -- I gpfed the afternoon away (after fixing several crises at work, that is, including at least one that I'd creatwd), had a late, but necessary brakfast at a the Excellent Dumpling House (at 5pm), waited for the 6:45 Lucky Star bus to Boston, got on the bus...napped, saw the last train from boston to Worchester left at 22:00, did some quick addition, and got the bus driver to let me out on the far side of the Manhattan Bridge. So instead of forteen hours of travel sandwitched around a bunch of filking fun, I've got a lot less travel, no filking (well, not much), more time to relax, and get to play in Lisa's oneshot/playtest for review of Dying Earth. I'll regret not seeing people, but I made the right decision.

Hope everyone has fun at Concertino!
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