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Life. It's what's worth living

Ok, so [personal profile] drcpunk's posted about most of this, but I've been kinda checked out. So...stuff that's happened.

We ran a con! It was awesome! The guests were awesome, the music was awesome, the conversation and attendees were awesome -- and since I was handling money, playing Vice-Chair, and involved in the Rocky Horror Muppet Show production as Porky Horror, I missed a lot, so I'm quite sure there was a lot more awesome. Come to Concertino next year, with the amazing Playing Rapunzel, as well as Partners in Rhyme, Ariel Cinii, Peggi Warner Lalonde, and much of the filking community on the East Coast -- and to whatever we run in three years!

While this was going on, there was a fire in the apartment across from ours (eg, 3R for Rear whereas ours is 3F for Front), resulting in the gas, hot water and some of the power getting shut off, our door getting bashed in and becoming unlockable (because, you know, we weren't home; we were in New Jersey, sleeping), the ceiling in our kitchen getting its ceiling destroyed (so the nice firemen could make sure the fire didn't spread to our apartment), a window getting broken (smoke, probably), and a hole made in the ceiling of the library (who knows? Probably just to check that there wasn't fire there that didn't touch the kitchen. Or something.

We're fine (New Jersey, remember?) and our stuff/apartment is now secured with a padlock. But we've been staying at friends' houses, while the landlord waits to get approval (which it sounds like he -finally- has -- Monday, the 11th of July, only 8 days after the fire!) from the insurance to begin working on the building. We can't move back until the apartment is, well, habitable by humans. The silver lining in all this is that we've found out how much we -don't- need most of our stuff (even if we like it), and how much our friends and family love us; we've been positively buried in unsolicited offers of temporary housing (although we've turned down or delayed most of them in favor of whatever we could come up with that was most convenient -- we spent one night at [profile] maraphile's place in Jersey, then went to Dexcon a day early so I could telecommute for a day and then hit the con straight from the hotel, and are currently staying at crash_mccormick and his wife's place for a few days.

Finally, we have a crazy idea that it would be fun to go to Gencon. We didn't =plan= Gencon, of course, because it would be totally insane to plan Gencon -and- a 5 day Dexcon -and- Worldcon -and- Origins. (and we did Dexcon and Worldcon, and will do Worldcon). -would- be fun. Anyone planning on doing Gencon (yeah, there's that planning thing again) and have a space in a hotel room with, you know, a bed? Hey, can't hurt, right?

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