Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Game meetup, 5/12

Parade: I've played his before once, but didn't remember it well. Simple strategic card game about not taking cards, with an Alice theme. Won with -13 points.

Shadows Over Camalot. Been hearing about this for a long while--a mostly collab with an authrurian theme. Liked it a lot--it's a lot more individual (and collab, rather than "one guy runs the game") and the nightly quest shine works well, and while there are similarities to Lord of the Rings, I found it a lot more enjoyable.

Citadels: At my request, we played with the Witch over the Assassin (I think the Assassin is simply too powerful. Naturally, I managed to hose myself with the Witch three or four times during the game, and came in second to last (I think) out of six with 18 points.

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