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New Icons

It occured to me that the harp pic I've been using for years (and nearly everywhere) as an is getting a bit stale. As, you know, not only has Calliope not been my primary harp for over 3 years...but as of Conterpoint, I no longer even own that harp (as due to my donating it to Interfilk, it has moved on to the custiodianship of [personal profile] bercilakslady). So it's time for a new icon -- which means, among other things, setting up a new Looney Pyramid stack on top of the new harp -- meet Clio, btw, my new, carbon-fiber harp (I also have Terpsichore, a green harpsicle, who I should also post pictures of at some point).

There are also Looney Pyramids on top of Clio, though they're harder to see in this pic (see iceharp1 and iceharp2 for the versions with less harp and more pyramid), but this time (despite dropping the pieces several times while making the pics protip: do not play your harp while things are precariously standing on top of it; they -will- fall; but it is far easier to do this
trick with a free standing harp!) I didn't lose any pyramids in the process.

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