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Eggs and Endorphins

As usual, I haven't posted enough recently. Mexico was good. Lots…

9/5/03 03:27 pm

As usual, I haven't posted enough recently.

Mexico was good. Lots of sun, some dolphins, plenty of shopping, and quite a bit of good food.

Plus a new liquor to figure out how to buy when I'm -not- in Mexico.

Worldcon was fairly relaxed -- only filked 2 hours each night on the first two nights, though I was better rested after Thursday night, and got to both hang out with Toronto Shadowfisters and sing lots, though I didn't make a single panel (no, somehow panels are not my primary goal at a Worldcon).

And then I got tremendous egoboo by, when I went up to Nate Bucklin as the dead-dog was wrapping up to mention how much I'd enjoyed filking with him, and got told something like "You ever fronted a band?" "No..." "You should -- you've got the pipes, the repertoire, and the brass; I can't offer you a gig right now...". Wow. I'm still glowing.

Of course, I still don't have a band, which would also be a nice thing; it would be nice to have people to work with who could harmonize to my stuff, or play instruments better than I, or whom I could work out harmonies behind and actually get useful criticism on same, but the praise is still amazingly nice, as is knowing that someone enjoyed my stuff this con. :)
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