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Housefilk! This Sunday!

There will be a housefilk this Sunday at the home of Ray Arnold

The Facebook event page is here:

Bring your voices, instruments, and ears (but remember, this is filk, and everyone gets to play!).

Remember, local filk customs dictate that anyone can jam along; if you -want- to perform solo without additions from the audience, it's best that you tell people this up front. Also, our housefilks are usually recorded; again, if you don't want to be recorded, that can be arranged for with prior notice.

1-6pm, Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winterfell House
316 West 138th Street,
New York NY 10030

The site is accessible from either the C/B or 2/3 subway lines. Some (small) amount
of free parking nearby. It is also a brownstone, although the filk itself will be on a low floor.

There will be a short concom/NYMFO meeting afterwards for those who are interested.
Tags: contata, filk, scheduling
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