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It's been a while since I posted. Just haven't gotten around to it for a while, not that I post often.

Contata is still very happening. Should be a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing/hearing all our guests.

We've watched a bunch of stuff recently, in our never-ending quest to keep up with pop culture (not to mention the quest to find video content that's fun to exercise to). Falling behind on pop culture makes finding new stuff easier, certainly. Stuff we've watched includes, but isn't limited to the entire first season of Sailor Moon [cheasy, but fun; ironically we watched most of this -after- I played Sailor Moon in a LARP], first three seasons of Phineas and Ferb [WOW], first three seasons of My Little Pony, and the first season and a half of Jackie Chan Adventures [fun; one of the better examples of an active child protag].

I've kept the disc-based Netflix sub up, too, which might explain why we've watched almost the entirety of the first season of Veronica Mars (wow!) and a bunch of movies. The disc this week consisted of the Cat People (orig) and The Curse of the Cat People.

The former I knew the plot of, having seen references to it many times over the years. Newlywed wife avoids physical contact, fearing that she'll turn into a cat, plot escallates, ends tragically. It's very good, and I love a lot of the details, but no real surprises.

The latter, though...first, I'd not heard of it as something separate from "the sequel to The Cat People". Or maybe I just elided, but I don't remember reading it. of the worst titles ever [if with a fun history]. Third...not really a horror movie, or not mostly a horror movie; this is a -much- better film (IMO) than The Cat People, and has nothing to do with anyone turning into a cat or anything else, nor any curses; instead it has to do with imagination, parental relationships, projection, and ghost of the past. I suppose it's useful to have seen the Cat People before seeing this film in that it helps understand and explain the otherwise -very- troubling behavior from the 7-year old protagonist's father (who is also a protagonist of The Cat People), but I don't think this film even appeals to the same audience.

Another interesting film I saw (this one available on Netflix Streaming) is The Libertine. I mostly expected this to be titilation with a humerous plot -- which is all basically there, but what I didn't expect was how much the movie exposes and attacks the maiden/whore dichotomy, with a protagonist first scandalized not by what her deceased husband had been doing behind her back, but that he never did anything as interesting with her, and with lines like (quoting loosely and from memory) "Why is it that men only call me a whore when refuse them or stop doing something?" It is very much a product of its time, with the most troubling scene what looks to me like a rape that is treated more as rough play by the participants (afterwards), but certainly an interesting movie that addresses issues still very relevant today.

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