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Tea, and thought experiment

drcpunk and I went to a tea shop, Sago, I think, in Flushing. I ordered an iced cafe mocha, which was quite good enough that I immediately began to wish I'd ordered a large.

drcpunk ordered iced peppermint grean tea,...which was -very- green, and strong enough that she was unable to finish it alone. I was strong enough that on my second taste of it, I began twitching (semi-voluntarily -- it was very strong), causing Lisa to wonder outloud if I was about to transform into something.

Which got me speculating (usually a mistake :) -- what if -most- green superhumans were mint-themed?

The Incredible Mint ("Mint Smash!")
Mint Lantern ("I'll just use my Mint Lantern Ring to make a giant mint-flavored hammer! Oh, no -- saffron, my weakness!")
Mint Arrow ("What, you resisted my stuporious Chocolate Mint Arrow? Well, let's see if you can escape from the sticky coils of my Mint Toffee Arrow!")
MintMan (Raised in the mint-fields, with incredible strength when surrounded by mint, and the power to mentally control the creatures living in, and on, mint!)

Of course, not all mint-based characters would be heroes; there would also be Mintania (the queen of the Minties, and secretly, a human changeling who has used magic to disguise herself as a Mintie for centuries) and Doc Mint (the supervillian merged with a giant ambulatory mint plant that provides him with as many vegitable arms as he needs!)
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