Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Housefilk, NYC, Oct. 18

pocketnaomi is holding a housefilk.

Actually, theoretically, we're both hosting, but she's providing the space, and is therefore in charge.

A lot of you know this (but I'm pasting the full announcement below anyway, with some edits like better directions to get from the building to the room and the much-requested Tram directions). What you may or may not know is that the space really wants people to say a reasonably accurate number for how many people are showing up, so RSVPs are very appreciated. (they can go to pocketnaomi, or to me, or be comments to one of the announcements on the subject -- whatever)

In any case, here are the details:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 18

6PM-11PM (hard limit on when to stop singing, as if we make noise past 11 I don't get my deposit back and my mom gets in trouble with her building) Setup is 5-6, cleanup is 11-12. All who want to help with either are welcome; the room absolutely WILL NOT be available before 5 or after 12, however.

531 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, NY. Ask the doorman where you can find the upstairs community room. If you get lost, go to apartment #316 and you will be directed to the right place.

By subway: F train to Roosevelt Island stop. When you exit the subway station turn right. Walk up the hill, following the road till it merges (about 1 block) with one coming from the other side of the island to make a single road down the middle. Continue following the road, on the left side of the street, past the sports bar and the fingernail place, till you get to a wide doorway with a set of outdoor stairs going down. That is building 531. It says so on the wall directly above and on your left as you face the stairs.

By car: Go to 36th Avenue in Queens, and turn toward the East River. Keep going until 36th Avenue turns into a bridge. Take the bridge. At the end of the bridge there will be a spiral ramp going down to your left. Take the ramp down. At the bottom of the ramp, make a left. Follow the road through approx. 5 stop signs (they're quite close together) until, on your right, you pass a red brick church. 531 is the first building on your right after the church. NOTE: coming by car is not recommended, because after you do all these things you will need to turn around and go *back* up the ramp to the garage at the base of the bridge and leave your car there, for a fee, and then walk back. Parking on the island itself is by permit only, and permits are limited to 40 minutes, with no renewal. You're better off leaving your car somewhere in the city and coming the rest of the way by subway.

By bus: The Q-102 bus goes to Roosevelt Island and stops directly in front of the red brick church mentioned in the last section. However, I'm not sure where else it goes, so if you want to try this route, be sure to ask the bus driver before you get on if he is going the right direction and to tell you where to get off. (Most city bus drivers are *delighted* to tell you where to get off, but that's not what I mean.)

By Tram: Go to 60th street and 2nd avenue; wait for tram at station (the big thing above you between 60th and 59th). Take tram, watch the pretty view,and get out at next stop. Then turn north (the place where all the buildings are). There will be a road to the left, skirting the water's edge. Follow the road till you pass the subway stop, just prior to the hill. Follow directions from "walk up the hill" in the Subway directions.

RSVPs appreciated. People to help set up and clean up even more appreciated. I will have drinks and potato chip type stuff, and will probably be ordering in pizza. No electric instruments, please, at the request of the building.
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