Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Holy shit, how come I never knew you could post via email?

Ok, clearly, some people knew, but I didn't until after I'd decided to pay (it's a pay-pnly feature). This might, or might not make my posts somewhat more common, but is certainly likely to increase the likelyhood of my posts via the phone (like this one).
Actually, havi ng checked the site, this is a -very- recent feature, but an amazingly cool one, and I'm surprised they aren't making more of it.
Now, as for actual content...first of all, Steven Tihor, drcpunk, and I are running a live rpg on November 9th (next sunday), featuring a mad scientist theme. For more details, see here
I'll see if I can't be at least a bit more active now that I don't need web access to post...
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