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Eggs and Endorphins

going to vote...

11/4/03 05:48 pm - going to vote...

I might not even bother (since I forgot to do so this morning), but with Bloomberg Pissing Me Off, I'll be damned if I avoid my civic duty. One of these days, a pol will launch a spam campaign on a rival's behaf, and then I'll be sorry (otoh, I -have- thought about the issues too).

In other news...

Two weeks ago, pocketnaomi and I went to, and had a great time at OVFF. I'mm not going to conrep, though.

Last weekend, drcpunk and I had a marvelous time at World Fantasy Convention, where unsurprisingly, we aquired a lot of books (including free copies of Bujhold's Paladin Of Souls [whick is excellent, and turns on a 40 year old heroine to boot] and Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment [which: I much enjoyed as Pratchett in his usual form, his treatment this time a much more sophisticated treatment of many of the themes in Jingo, this time with occasional moments of the always delightful Vimes]). Other hilights of the convention included meeting Theo Black and seeing Holly, hanging out with our DC-area friends, readings by Ellen Kushner and Patricia Mckillip (and I got to put a song virus in the excellent Ms Mckillip's head by one-line instafilking the short story she'd just read to "Feed Me" from Little Shop, somewhat to her bemusement), an evening of music and SCA neeping by Hathere Dale, who is a marvelous and personable woman, and the "evening of music" concert.

The concert...was a -very- mixed bag. There were four separate sets: David Honisberg, a gentleman I'm not all that familiar with, a woman I'm not all that familiar with, and a once-a-year band, consisting of Charles de Lint, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and two other women. First, David did a half-hour set, which was fun but...my tastes and his in music aren't that congruent. After that, he finished his set with a brief reunion of his old band (the DQYDJP), which was nice, and the gentleman going after him did a very country half-hour set that was -really- not to my taste. Following that was a woman who did a couple of nice filky things -- "Others are following you" and a ballad. And then the band went on stage, and they played -music-. Bouncy music, rattle in your bones music, even "get up and dance" music (and we did, at least twice, a couple of swings). Now, the band was clearly not of even voice -- they ended up giving one piece up for dead "I swear, it sounded great last night", and neither of the two women's voices I heard a lot of were really anywhere near as strong as Charles' or Patrick's (since Therisa didn't solo, I didn't get an amazing feel for her voice, but what I did hear aounded nice and on key). But it did't matter -- they gelled , they burbled, they played -music-, and frankly, the excellent musicians in the band carried and were carried by the others just fine. -Man, that was fun.

Mind, part of that is in contrast, since there was -plenty- of real music at OVFF. But that last set was the hilight of a very good con.
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