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Eggs and Endorphins

48 hours to Origins

7/2/02 05:49 pm - 48 hours to Origins

I now:

  • Know what hotel I'm in at Origins
  • Have reserved the 4:55 bus to go from Columbus (where Origins is) to Cleveland (where Naomi is).
  • Have gotten the project I promised I'd have done by today done, and handed to someone else so they can bang on it after testing it pretty extensively.
  • Have woken up, after a bunch of hours being very, very sleepy.

And still need to:

  • Pack for Origins, since I'm not going home in between.
  • Do laundry, since I'm -not- doing a 6 day weekend with no clean clothes.
  • Finish and deliver the project I've got for David Goldin (a former co-worker).
  • Remember anything else I wanted to do, but didn't.

  • I figure I've got my work cut out for me (and starting on Wednesday/Thursday, can stop working and start playing for a bit!)
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